Dragon Fruit Poke

4oz Bluefin Tuna – medium dice
¼ Dragonfruit melon balled small end
6 ea Sliced Radish
8 ea Pickled Strawberry
6 ea Pickled Serrano Slices
½ teaspoon Lemon Oil
Salt – To Taste
½ tsp Chive oil
1 ½ tsp Truffle miso sauce
½ tsp Pickled strawberry liquid
Candied Cilantro stems – As many as you like
Cilantro Blossoms – As many as you like
Applewood smoke

In a mixing bowl combine Tuna, Dragonfruit, and lemon oil in mixing bowl and toss together cover with plastic wrap leaving a small opening for smoke gun hose. Enter hose into bowl and smoke until bowl is full. Remove hose, cover bowl and place into refrigerator for 5 minutes.
Remove bowl from refrigerator uncover add 1tsp miso truffle sauce mix and season with salt to taste. Mix sliced radish with lemon oil and salt to taste

Mound Tuna mixture into serving bowl then place pickled strawberry, and pickled serrano in visible positions on and around the tuna mixture. Drizzle 1tsp miso truffle sauce overtop, then drizzle ½ tsp of both chive oil and pickled strawberry liquid overtop. Garnish with cilantro stems, sliced radish, and cilantro blossoms.

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Cilantro Oil

½ cup vegetable oil
1 Bunch Cilantro (tied, rinsed and patted dry)

Directions –
Fill a small sauce pan with water and bring to a boil then shut off the heat, while water is heating up pour ½ cup vegetable oil into blender, dip leafy greens half of cilantro into saute pan remove and place onto paper towel pat dry and cut off leafy greens reserving stems. Place leafy greens into blender with oil and blend on high then pour out and strain through cheese cloth. Reserve for later use.

Pickled Strawberries
(Should be made day ahead)

1 pint Strawberries topped and quartered
1 ½ cup Seasoned Rice wine vinegar
¼ cup Sugar
2 Tablespoons Kosher Salt
¼ cup Water
½ Serrano pepper thin sliced

Directions –
In a heat proof container with a lid place ½ of strawberries and all serranos. In a sauce pan combine vinegar, sugar, salt, and water bring to a boil and take off heat and pour over strawberries and serranos, give a stir and place into refrigerator uncovered for 1 hour, after an hour add remaining strawberries cover and allow to pickle for 12 hours.

Truffle Miso Sauce

1 Tbsp White Miso
¼ cup Seasoned rice vinegar
1 Tbsp Agave Nectar
¼ tsp or to taste White Truffle oil

combine all ingredients into blender, blend on high until emulsified, and pour into container and reserve

Bluefin Tostada

4 Oz Bluefin Tuna medium dice
1 Tbsp Agua chile
2 Cherry tomato sliced
½ Avocado small diced and soaking in agua chile
2 Leaves Mint torn
2 Pink lemon segments chopped
½ Finger lime or 2 regular lime segments chopped
½ tsp Coconut oil
½ tsp Cilantro oil
1 Tbsp Lemon oil
1 Corn Tostada
Salt – Season to taste
Cilantro blossom – As many as you like
Microgreens – As many as you like

Directions –
In a mixing bowl combine tuna, avocado, cherry tomato, mint, and lemon oil. Mix together and season to taste with salt.

Plating –
Place tostada on plate and evenly place tuna mixture slightly flatten to make sure mixture spreads to edge of tostada, top with chopped lemon, finger lime, drizzle agua chile, coconut oil, and cilantro oil. Garnish with cilantro blossom and microgreens.

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Agua Chile

½ cup lime juice
3 cloves garlic
3 jalapeno seeded
1 serrano half seeded
Salt – season to tase
White pepper – season to taste

Directions –
Combine lime juice, garlic, jalapeno, and serrano and blend on high until completely liquified. Season with salt and white pepper to taste then strain into an airtight container through a fine mesh sieve