Dragon Fruit Poke

4oz Bluefin Tuna – medium dice
¼ Dragonfruit melon balled small end
6 ea Sliced Radish
8 ea Pickled Strawberry
6 ea Pickled Serrano Slices
½ teaspoon Lemon Oil
Salt – To Taste
½ tsp Chive oil
1 ½ tsp Truffle miso sauce
½ tsp Pickled strawberry liquid
Candied Cilantro stems – As many as you like
Cilantro Blossoms – As many as you like
Applewood smoke

In a mixing bowl combine Tuna, Dragonfruit, and lemon oil in mixing bowl and toss together cover with plastic wrap leaving a small opening for smoke gun hose. Enter hose into bowl and smoke until bowl is full. Remove hose, cover bowl and place into refrigerator for 5 minutes.
Remove bowl from refrigerator uncover add 1tsp miso truffle sauce mix and season with salt to taste. Mix sliced radish with lemon oil and salt to taste

Mound Tuna mixture into serving bowl then place pickled strawberry, and pickled serrano in visible positions on and around the tuna mixture. Drizzle 1tsp miso truffle sauce overtop, then drizzle ½ tsp of both chive oil and pickled strawberry liquid overtop. Garnish with cilantro stems, sliced radish, and cilantro blossoms.